I suppose you're here for only one reason and that's to find out a little more about the story around this blog or should I say my internet baby. It all started three years ago when I stumbled across the world of blogging through a YouTube link. After a little while of trying to get my head around this blogging world I created my first craft blog, which didn't last a very long time  ( let's just say the small grainy photos and black background didn't help things.) When my first blog failed I decided to create a new type of blog which I named Fashion and Beauty Tribes. It had a rocky start with a very dodgy blog design and every colour you would see in a rainbow. I worked hard on the blog trying to produce content at least once a week and still trying to study and attend school five days a week . 

After three years of blogging under the name of Fashion and Beauty Tribes I began to change the focus of my content and no longer believed that its name justified the direction I was trying to take.

Late in 2015 I decided to give my blog a total rebrand and name change and that's when This is Allure was born. Allure which defines something attractive or fascinating seemed like the perfect name to describe what I blog about but yet still leaving it open to new ideas or content that I may want to produce in the future. 

Now that I have told you my blog story let me tell you a little bit about me. I am Sinead an 19 year old student who loves photography, painting and obviously blogging. I try to post on my blog at least twice a week in between my studies. My dream would be to pursuit a career in photography or if I was lucky enough even blogging. I do hope you enjoy my blog and continue to pay it a visit. 

All my photos are taken using either a  Nikon d3000 with a 35mm f 1.8 lens or a Canon 700d with a 40mm pancake lens. All photos are taken using natural day light. You can contact me at thisisallure@hotmail.com or tweet me at @thisisallure.

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  1. Hello Sinead (I really have no idea how to pronounce your name, oops)

    It is sure great finding a hobby, though tv and surfing the net is what I do best since I don't do much of it.

    I love doodles and odd drawings however I am not a fantastic drawer, so it's always a pleasure admiring someone else's art pieces.

    Hehehe no judgement here, we all have a taste, I bet you can even rap better than most people.

    Photography is amazing, a little escape route from the normality yet craziness in the world. I look forward to exploring your blog and being able to see new photography.

    The joys of a light-weighted purse, forever the number one problem.

    Keep Smiling :)


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