6 June 2017

Photo Props I Love

I love photo props, I simply cannot get enough of them. I am forever buying new additions to feature in my photographs. I think it is under estimated how valuable props really are to an image, they can totally transform the message and aesthetic of your imagery. 

Picking the props for your images is something I love doing when planning my photos for Instagram and my blog. During the summer months I love to include some flowers in my images which gives it a summery feel. A common prop of mine and probably the most inexpensive is magazines and prints, something which has become an unhealthy habit of mine. I always buy a new magazine every month and often pick the one I think will look good in an image. I often use my own Wish Design prints to add in a little more character to your photos. A simple yet effective prop which I love to use is gold hair clips which is perfect to fill small white spaces.

Trinkets are a guilty pleasure of mine and I can never stop buying them for storage and of course to feature in my images. H&M Home is one of my favourite shops for props particularly this pink edition.  A new prop of mine is confetti which is perfect to add a little extra to your images. My favourites are stars and flamingo's which gives your images something a little different and isn't expensive. However you don't have to buy excessive amounts of props to make good images. I can guarantee there are many things around your home that you can use such as make up brushes, plants, rugs and fairy lights.

What photo props do you love ?

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