10 May 2017

I'm Back!

It has been a while I must admit. A lot has changed for me during 2017 which meant my blog was put on the back burner. As some of you know I started University this year and it has been somewhat difficult but brilliant at the same time. The independence has been amazing, exploring a new city and not spending my days in the country having nothing to do. However this is paralleled with the course I'm studying which I can't help thinking I made a mistake with. Despite me loving photography I no longer know if it is something I wish to do as a full time career. 

I have identified that I definitely want to do something creative but my problem is I have so many aspects that I enjoy and studying one proportion of my interests is actually stunting my creativity. Having this constant conflict on what to do made blogging the last thing I wanted to do. Unfortunately I have also learnt that I don't work well with structure which simply isn't compatible with getting things done or motivating myself. 

However no mater how long I'm absent from blogging I always seem to return with a burst of motivation and the urge to create. I need to get involved again in the blogging world and manage my time better which I am ridiculously bad at! My aim for the summer months now that I'm finished Uni is to take more time to blog, take photos using my film camera and most importantly I want to really push my online shop Wish Designs which I enjoy managing so much. Things have been slow but I have been getting a few orders every month which I appreciate deeply. My shop is definitely something which I would love to do full-time maybe in the future, so creating new products for that is really something I need to start working on. 

I hope this post hasn't been too boring and I will hopefully see you soon!

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