24 May 2017

Banishing Breakouts

I have documented on the blog before about my struggles with my skin. I went from someone who got the occasional spot to breaking out all the time. I have tried so many different things in the attempt to curb these breakouts. This is not a post boasting about how I got my skin spot free in a week but more lessons and treatments I have used which have helped my skin. 

ICE CUBES - This is something which I love to use in the morning time after I cleanse. I usually take one ice cube wrap it in my muslin cloth and swipe it across my face in circular motions. Not only does it cool and reduce the size of any existing spots but it makes my pores smaller making it harder for any dirt to get inside.

CLINIQUE’S ANTI BLEMISH GEL - I briefly mentioned this in my favourites post recently but I couldn’t resist giving it another mention. The gel is the perfect spot treatment, I don’t exactly know how it works but from what I have gathered applying this to a spot dries it up a lot quicker and some how reduces the redness over night. If this is a little on the expense side then Soap and Glory's Dr Spot is the perfect budget buy.

CHANGING YOUR PIILOWCASE REGULARLY- This is a recent ritual of mine and something which I have actually seen make a difference to my skin. Oils from our skin and hair transfer onto our pillows every night and this can be transferred back onto the skin every time you sleep on it causing more breakouts. I make sure to change my pillow every two days to ensure this doesn’t happen.

DO NOT PICK - I am so guilty of picking at my spots especially when I know something is in it (disgusting I know). I recently promised myself that I wouldn’t touch my face no matter how big the spot was. I have noticed a little difference in not picking at my face but it has only been a week so the results can only get better.

WEEKLY FACE MASK - I love a good pamper session so taking the time every week to apply a face mask to my troubled skin is a must. My favourite and trustworthy mask is Soap and Glory’s self heating mask which always helps my skin to recover and heal.

COVER IT UP - Despite this post aiming to get rid of spots sometimes they like to linger around and the only temporary solution is to cover it up. My favourite concealer for this is the Collection edition which is perfect to cover up them pesky blemishes.

What are your favourite ways to banish breakouts?

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