2 January 2017

January's To Do List

I really don't like making resolutions in the New Year, I can never maintain them and end up just getting a little down for not achieving anything I have set myself. Instead I want to create goals, a to do list of things I would like to do, learn or achieve. However I will try and not put too much pressure on myself like you would with a resolution, instead something a little more fun that I can look back on.

1. Master Brush Lettering - This has fast become my favourite way to pass my time. I started off trying the traditional method with ink and a pen but I recently invested in a pressure sensitive stylus and I really want to try and master digital lettering. I am currently trying to upload frequently on my shop's Instagram with doodles and quotes which I'm making on my iPad.

2. Get my shop back on track - I started my Etsy shop Wish Designs during last summer and after I started Uni it took a back seat in my priorities. Starting a shop and earning some money from it is something I really want to achieve, so in 2017 I will aim to create some more products and hope that  2017 will be the year that things kick off.

3. Save some money - I am usually quite good at saving money but every since I started uni it has become a little difficult. I recently got a part time job and would love to put some away for clothes or a holiday.

4. Blog more - I think I say this every year but blogging is something that I love doing but I'm not very good at staying consistent with my content, which really is the magic power to creating a successful blog. I have seen so many amazing blogs do brilliantly in 2016 and it really inspires me to try a more consistent blogging routine.

5. Take more photos - You would think this is something I naturally already do seeing as I run a blog and I study photography at Uni but apart from the work I had to produce for my modules I haven't been taking any personal photographs so taking some more photos that I want to take will hopefully take place in 2017.

Have you got anything on your January's To Do List ?

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