5 January 2017

Insecurities as a Creative

Exploring my creativity and making the decision to use it as a chosen career path rather than a hobby is something I am so thankful that is accessible to me. However, despite being hugely proud of my creativity I find it can sometimes be an insecurity for me. I study Photography in Uni and I was the only person in my whole year at secondary school who applied for a creative subject, I got no help producing my portfolio or any advice on how to tackle a uni interview. I was surrounded by people who were applying for science or maths based jobs like nursing or engineering what most people class as 'normal' professions that will get you employed. Every single person that has ever asked me what I study at Uni are often quite surprised at what I have chosen to study, a select few have even questioned whether you will get employed after.

My group of friends all study science based subjects at Uni and sometimes I can't help feeling like I am a fraud. People often think that studying something like photography just means you take a few photos everyday but they don't understand that there are essays, historical theory and many other aspects which is just as hard as any other degree. My friends never say anything to me about my course but I always have a part of me which feels I could never complain about my work load to them as they might think what has she possibly got to complain about she does a simple degree. The likely hood that they are actually thinking this is probably quite slim but it is an insecurity that I can't help but have. 

I think this insecurity is present in a lot of creative people, we are often over looked by others who  are ignorant to the whole process of creativity as lazy or chasing dreams rather than facing reality and getting a 'proper' job. This mindset which I truly believe is still present today can feed that insecurity massively and make us creatives feel a little down about all the hard work and effort that goes into our projects. 

Creativity is something which I am so glad to be gifted with. People forget how different and dull our lives would be without creativity. It has an impact on our everyday lives without many of us even noticing and for that reason alone I think it is so important to brush off all the negative comments or opinions of people who simply just don't understand the beautiful thing we call creativity!

Do you suffer from creative insecurities ? 

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