30 January 2017

Being Lonely

I remember watching a Youtube video last year all about loneliness. The girl was discussing how despite having amazing friends and family she still felt a sense of loneliness. At the time I couldn't really relate or understand what she was trying to say. However recently this sense of loneliness is something I have found myself suffering from. It is not an easy feeling to try and describe but it's one which I think quite a few people suffer with. 

This feeling began when I started University, despite being surrounded by loads of people including some of my school friends I began to become a little more reserved. As a naturally introverted person anyway this made me become even more conscience of how I was coming across to others. Not only did I withdraw myself from others I suddenly lost interest in things I liked to do and dreaded having to talk to my friends so I would pretend I was sleeping or out. Reading this you may be thinking that I  made myself lonely by removing myself from situations and my friends but it seemed the only way for me to cope and not be a burden to others. 

I have a lot of insecurities like most people and on a bad day they can really take you over, you question whether or not your friends want to be friends with you or your boring personality means  no one would want to hang out with you. These thoughts on reflection are completely irrational and not true but when you are having a bad day and feel completely alone despite being surrounded by so many people. Loneliness is a feeling which I think everyone suffers from at some point despite not knowing why or like I have mentioned in this post surrounded by so many people. 

Experiencing feeling like this I want to share some of the ways which I help myself to feeling less lonely.

1. Acknowledge and allow yourself to feel like this.

2. Take the time out if you need it.

3. Buying things doesn't cure anything but it definitely makes me feel better, so buy yourself something you love.

4. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath.

5.  Read a book and get an early night.

Have you ever experienced this sense of loneliness ? 

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