11 October 2016

Tropic's ABC Skincare Set

 Every since I started the last year of my school life I began to battle with my skin. I wasn't eating great and the stress of my exams was causing my skin to breakout. It also didn't help that a skincare routine didn't exist in my everyday life. I was beginning to become fed up with waking up everyday with a new spot so after a little research I thought the best action was to invest in some skincare and see if it would make a change. Over a year later andI have managed to create and maintain a skincare routine. I always want to try new products and recently I was lucky enough to try Tropic's ABC set.

 Tropic's all natural products really intised me to trust that they would do wonders for my skin. I was sent the most gorgeous package which contained a Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Eye gel, Bamboo face cloth and a head band to keep everything out of my face when completing my routine. The aim was for me to try out all the products during freshers week to see how well it would deal with the lack of sleep and bad food choices I would make during that week.

The Smoothing Cleanser was the first product that I tried. I am a huge lover of the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish so I'm always a little scared to try something new. The cleaner is a cream/ oily consistency which is perfect for taking off any make up, I like to use it as a double cleanser along with the Bamboo face cloth which is my favourite cloth to remove my cleanser. 

The Vitamin Toner was also a beautiful product which I apply at night. What I loved the most about the toner was how gentle it was. In the past I have used toners which can strip your skin and feel very harsh but this adds that extra moisture and evens  skin whilst still being extremely gentle. 

The one product that my skin didn't get on too well with was the Skin Rescue Moisturiser. It was a little too heavy for my skin during the day but if I wanted a little more moisture I would apply it right before I went to bed, a great alternative to my night oil.

The Eye Refresh was a product I didn't think I would use but I love this product so much. I often forget to use an eye cream but since receiving this product I have been using it everyday. The refresh gel is applied with a metal roller and is so cooling on your under eyes, perfect if you have a late night.

The set is perfect for any first time skincare users, each individual product maintains healthy and glowing skin which was ideal for my Fresher's week.

Have you tried Tropic Skincare ? 


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