13 September 2016


It is no secret that I watch a lot of TV. It is my perfect way to unwind in the evenings. I know that many people watch a movie or box set on Netflix rather than watching TV but there are a few TV gems which I watch every week.

I love this show so much. Every Tuesday I tune in. If you haven't heard of it before then it is basically an array of ordinary people who have their first dates filmed. It can be extremely funny yet very awkward at times. It is a true portrayal of what a first date is really like. I love learning about the individuals who are on the show and how they think the date went.

This is a little controversial and a show which is always talked about on Twitter. It's basically another dating show with a twist, they judge each other naked. It's basically one big social experiment to see if pairing potentially couples together by attraction to just their exterior actually works. If you can get past the initial nakedness it actually is quite an interesting show which shares the deep rooted concepts regarding attraction.

This is a new series to me but one that has instantly got me gripped. It is perfect for anyone who loves a mystery and a sense of who done it throughout the show. It begins with a couple getting murdered, the man who is believed to have killed them is shown to be driving to the families homes after the incident before he crashes and the family help him but soon realise that he potentially killed their loved ones. He is left in the shed until morning as there is a massive storm with no emergency services. In the morning the man has been killed and the story tries to figure out who done it. I am loving it and can't wait until things become a little clearer on what happened.

All the shows can be watched on 40D and BBC I PLAYER

What do you like to watch on TV?

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