8 September 2016

Things Introverts Are Tired Of Hearing

Introvert and extrovert are concepts which are still relatively new to me but definitely something I can relate to. I am most definitely an introvert, someone who loves to do things alone, becomes drained by too much interaction and often is hugely misjudged. It can be hard sometimes to try and explain to someone who is more extroverted that you don't want to go out and simply just want to spend the night in. Whilst some get it others simply don't and it can be very easy for people to judge you for someone that you aren't. That is why I have put together a list of things which introverts are tired of hearing.

1. You are so quiet
2. I always thought you were a bitch
3. Why don't you want to go out?
4. Why don't you talk to everyone?
5. You're very dry.
6. Are you ok?
7. You need to stop being so anti- social
8. Can you not just make some small talk?
9. Do you not get lonely being alone all the time?
10. How are you meant to meet new people?

What are you tired of hearing as an extrovert or introvert?

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