22 September 2016

Things I Can't Wait For

Things i can wait for, lists
I think it is so important to have something to look forward to especially if work gets on top of you or you are having a down day. Lists are something which I love doing whether it's a to do list or things that I can't wait for. I am most defiantly old fashioned when it comes to writing my lists and would much rather hand write it with a pretty pen and notebook. However reading lists on blogs can also be a refreshing a more modern way to express you thoughts. I have constructed a list of things that I can't wait for in the coming months.
Things i can wait for, lists

1. Lying in bed when it's dark and raining outside.
2. Being able to wear jumpers without getting warm.
3. Planning Christmas presents for loved ones.
4. My Birthday.
5. Fireworks at Halloween.
6. Christmas.
7. Cosy days in when it's cold and miserable outside
8. Decorating my Uni room.
9. Buying a new laptop.
10. Living in a city.
11. Learning to take professional photos.
12. Being surrounded by creative people everyday.
13. Buying some new stationary.
14. Expanding Wish Designs.
15. Christmas markets.

What are you looking forward to ?

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