27 September 2016

Finding Your Creative Inspiration

finding creative inspiration, art, blogging

I am a creative person who loves experimenting with new ideas and techniques. Creativity is something which I focus most of my time on, I studied art during my GCSE and A Level years, started a design business and of course I make content for my blog. The combination of these things can be both challenging and draining on your creative inspiration.  I have learnt that creativity isn't something you can force, deadlines, stress and my moods can all have a negative affect on my creativity. Learning  about your creativity and how to effectively manage it are important aspects of a creative especially if you have to produce work or it's how you make money. 

finding creative inspiration, art, blogging


My blog creativity is something I have struggled with in the past and still do to this day. The amount of amazing blogs that are within the blogging community can offer so much inspiration but this overwhelming feeling can also have a negative impact on your creativity. It can be hard to think you aren't good enough or you don't 
have any unique, exciting ideas that serve a purpose. When I feel like this when blogging I simply don't blog. This alone can be a big step for someone who blogs, you can so easily loose readers and interaction if you go quiet for a while but I honestly thing it is one of the most effective ways to remove yourself from a slump and return to blogging with renewed inspiration. If taking a break isn't something you feel isn't right for you then checking out some your favourite blogs, Pinterest or jotting down some ideas that come to your head in a pretty notebook can be extremely beneficial. 

finding creative inspiration, art, blogging ART

Art has been a huge part of my life since secondary school. My school was very academic and this alone was very draining on my creativity. I had a brilliant,  art teacher but apart from her and the only other art student in my class no one ever came to look at our art or tell us we were achieving great things. I constantly had to listen to other students telling me it was an 'easy' subject that involved painting a picture. Creativity that is being judged and marked like art can be one of the most draining things at times. Deadlines for me completely makes me so uninspired, this trait is awful for me and it can be extremely frustrating especially when I like to meet deadlines. To try and banish the feeling I tend to look at other creatives work, a Pinterest session and often I would tell my teacher how I was feeling and we would brainstorm ideas.

Creativity is a very personal trait in everyone and how you trigger your inspiration is totally different for each individual. I personally think that if you don't push or burn yourself out too much then your creativity should come naturally, helping you to achieve all the creative goodness.

How do you find your creative inspiration ? 

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