6 September 2016

Brush Lettering 101

Hand lettering is fast becoming a hobby which everyone wants to try. Whether it's digitally or with a paint brush and ink, it can be something which can take a lot of practise but can equally be so much  fun. I started  to try brush lettering quite a while ago after seeing it all over social media and wanting to give it a try. I began my kit with simply just a paint brush and some black ink, while this do serve the purpose I found some other tools which helped me to create brush lettering that I love.


I began brush lettering by simply typing it into Pinterest and copying the lettering to help get to grips with how I should be moving my brush and getting a feel for it. After practising for a while I came across a few books which I thought would be helpful in developing my brush lettering skills. I purchased The Botanical Hand Lettering Workbook and Nib and Ink. I found both books really interesting and helped me to create work that I wouldn't have without the books. The Nib and Ink book is very technical, perfect for if you want to seriously learn modern Calligraphy. When I bought the book I had already established my style so trying to recreate the modern calligraphy was quite hard but I found it very interesting to read, plus it is beautifully presented. The Botanical Workbook was less informative and a book which aided me with inspiration rather than learning something new.


There are so many resources on the internet for lettering brush lettering. I personally have never taken any classes and learnt all for myself, however I would love to go to a Quill London class. Watching YouTube videos can also be brilliant, giving you a step by step guide to creating brush lettering. However as cliché as it sounds practising lettering is really the only way you will get better and develop your skill.


The tools that you buy will totally depend on what style of lettering you have. If you are more into the modern calligraphy then you will probably use your traditional nib and ink. My lettering is more imperfect and a lot thicker so I always use the Pentel Water brush Pens. If you are seriously wanting to get better at brush lettering then these brushes are a must have. For me they make things a lot easier and it feels more like a pen than a brush. If you want to do quick brush lettering without the mess then the Pentel brush are what you need. I also enjoy using the Tom brush pen for quick or rough work.


The thing I love the most about brush lettering is how easy it is to do with very little tools needed. Most of the time I only ever use black ink but I have experimented with watercolour as well which I love. Starting of with watercolour is probably a little easier than ink but it totally depends on what you rather. I love this watercolour palette which is really pigmented and has some gorgeous shades.

Have you tried brush lettering? 

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