15 September 2016


beauty under £5

Beauty is something that I always thought required a little investment. I would often pass any beauty item that was under a certain price and only stick to brands that I trust but recently I have tried to be a little more open to cheaper products and I was extremely surprised by some of my new additions.

beauty under £5 lipliner

Primark Lipliner

This is my most loved beauty product that comes in at only £1. The liner is creamy and applies streak free unlike a lot of expensive ones I have tried which tend to stick to your dry patches. Despite it being a lipliner I always wear it without any lipstick to achieve the perfect matte lip.

There is a great range of liners in Primark but this is definitely my favourite shade.

beauty under £5 rose gold eyelash curlers

Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are a necessity for me so when I saw the rose gold edition in Primark I couldn't just walk past them. Another must have from Primark's beauty section, at only £1 they are amazing quality and whilst they serve the purpose there is no denying that they look good in a photographs well.

 Primark have a few beauty rose gold accessories on offer. I also picked up the tweezer set which goes perfect with my curlers. 


beauty under £5 oval face brush

The last edition is an eBay purchase. eBay can be a brilliant place to pick up some make up beauty products. I have bought brush sets in the past but this time I choose just one. I purchased the brush because I was intrigued with this new oval brush trend.  The brush is amazing quality and is perfect for applying foundation, blending cream contour and concealer. There is an array of sizes which all serve a different purpose in your make up routine. 

What beauty do you love that is under £5 ? 


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