14 August 2016

My Favourite Ways To Pass Time

 I have been finished school for about a month now and living in the country and not having any where to go can get a little boring. Don't get me wrong I love being finished school and having the free time to do what I want. Aside from completing my daily chores of emptying the dishwasher and cleaning bathrooms, it sometimes can be very boring. There's only so much Come Dine With Me that I can watch in a day.  I have been trying really hard to keep myself occupied at home without it costing too much.

I have mentioned this before in my June Favourites but cross stitching really does pass the time and is so relaxing. I think anyone who enjoys doing anything creative will like cross stitching. A favourite shop of mine is HannahHandMakes who has some really fun kits. It is quite time consuming which is perfect for anyone who is feeling a little bored or is trying to pass time.

Letting has fast become one of my favourite pass times when I'm feeling a little bored. All you need is some ink or watercolour and a paintbrush along with a bit of practise to create some brush lettering that can be hung or framed on your wall. It can also be the perfect gift for someone.

This is a simple and effective way to pass the time and keep occupied. When I am really busy or stressed I never read and miss it but anytime that I have some free time or feeling a little bored then there is no better feeling than sitting down and picking up a good book. I recently made a book order on Amazon to keep me occupied. On my list is See Me, Daughter and The Missing.

I love taking part in chats on Twitter but always forget about them. When I do remember to take part they are always so much fun. A great way to talk to like minded people and also find some new blog reads. It can be a great way to pass an hour of your day whilst connecting with other bloggers or creatives.

I really want to try and post twice a week on my blog. I am so bad at sticking to a schedule and I know that it's not essential but I think it really is the key to an engaging and successful blog, it will also make things a little easier for me because I will have posts scheduled and not having to worry about whether or not I have an upcoming post ready.

What are your favourite ways to pass time? 

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