3 July 2016

What I've Learnt From Education

I have just finished my secondary education and this is a scary time for me. Ever since I can remember I have been in some form of education, as much as you complain about it, it soon becomes a safety net and something that is part of your routine. Whilst I don't think I could spend another year in school it makes you a little more reflective of your time in school and how it shapes you as a person.

1. You're not going to like everyone and not everyone will like you.

2.The dinners are probably shit.

3. There will always be someone who doesn't do anything in school.

4. You will loose some form of coursework and wish you had of backed it up.

5. GCSE's and A Levels are terrible.

6. The Pressure is real.

7. You become an expert at procrastination.

8. You learn some valuable lessons.

9. Unforgettable memories are made.

10. Have tested all stationary products and know which is the best.

What have you learnt from your time in education ?

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