26 July 2016

The Best Blogging And Creative E-Books

I love reading it's something that I do in my spare time. Recently instead of picking up a novel I have been reading some blogging e-books, something which a lot of bloggers are making available to aid any creative or blogging woes that we have. They are a brilliant source of information and can be a perfect way to unwind yet still providing you with some valuable information. I have rounded up some of my favourite e-books.

This is the only paid e-book that I have bought in the past but one that I think it worth the investment. It's written by the creators of A Beautiful Mess. Within the e-book they discuss their blogging story and how they have succeeded in the blogging world and struggles they've faced. I loved this e-book as it was extremely interactive and provided you with a work book letting you do more than just reading their thoughts and views but actually letting you think about your own blog journey and how it could personally help you. It is however a little expensive but something you can invest in. It really inspired me when I was having a blogging slump and I often go back to certain chapters when I'm feeling down about my blog or need a little inspiration.

Kotryna's blog is a perfect place to go for free resources and e-books. I recently dowlowded her latest edition about starting a successful blog. Whilst I have already been running my blog for three years it still had some brilliant advice for anyone who has been blogging for a while and wants another bloggers opinion on growing your audience. There are some beautiful visuals and an e-book which goes into great detail. To receive your e-book all you have to do is sign up to her newsletter and receive it straight to your inbox.

I came across this e-book just a few weeks ago and it was something I couldn't wait to read. There are stunning visuals and cute illustrations which matches the theme of the e-book. I love hearing other crratives tips and advie on turning your creativity into something you can make money from. I often find that this kind of advice is kept secret and it can be hard to know where to start or get help from. It's a really interesting concept to read about and can inspire you to maybe consider starting your own little business.

What are your favourite e-books? 

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