20 July 2016

Making Your Blog Images Brighter

If I was to ask a blogger to list some of their photography woes then I can bet that lighting would crop up.  Having the much desired bright photos which shows off your products in the best light is totally understandable so it can be extremely frustrating when it's something you find so hard to achieve. It is something I still struggle with especially during the winter months but there are some very useful methods and tools which can totally transform your images brightness.

I shoot all my images inside like a lot of bloggers and having the right amount of light source reach my subject is so important. I take my images beside a window and rarely change the location. This ensures that all my photos that I take have the same light consistently, meaning that one image is bright and the other isn't.  When picking your photography location you ideally want a window to be near but avoid any where that could wash out your image or have very strong bright light but I somehow don't think this would be an issue for any UK readers as the weather is rarely sunny.

I have a hugely basic photography set up and sometimes people think that you need a photography studio with expensive equipment to achieve that bright clear image. My set up includes a white table top , reflector and window. Having a white base to take your photos on can be seen as a blogger stereotype but it is hugely important to taking bright photos. White objects bounce off light so your images are naturally going to be brighter than if you used a darker background. I recently done a post on my Three Photography Tools you Need Today, all of which will help your images brightness. A reflector is really what changed the brightness of my photos. They can be bought on Amazon for under £10 and something I think all bloggers should have in their kit. It basically reflects the light comes in from the window and focuses it on your subject making it the brightest it could possibly be in your location. Making sure that your camera is set on the right settings is also essential but I talked more about that in my Camera Basics post.

Editing your images is most definitely you best friend. Obviously you do need a quite a clear image to begin with to ensure that your image is perfect for editing but it really changes your images. Editing my blog photos is one of my favourite things to do. Many people think that editing your photo will mean filters and highly contrasted images but the secret to editing is to make it look as natural as possible. I do very little to my images but it dramatically improves the quality and brightness of my photos. Editing your photos is something I will be going through in depth next time because it is something which a lot of people find hard to find the balance of editing.

What do you struggle with the most in your photography ? 

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