5 July 2016

Bath Time Treats

 I'm not usually the one to purchase hyped products, I know what I like and  will not buy something just for the name or because everyone has it. However I made a little exception with Zoe's latest beauty range. Her previous products haven't really been something I was interested in, I think they worked really well for her younger audience but personally not for me. I think her sweet range has brought something new and is definitely targeted to her  more mature audience than the other ranges.

I initially only wanted to pick up the bath latte as it was the one product that really stood out to me. I loved the concept and packaging but was a little sceptical about whether I would like the scent, something I'm extremely fussy about. However I was pleasantly surprised and love the scent, it's really comforting and would definitely help you relax in the bath. I found it very similar to a Laura Mercier bath product I had a few years ago. I ended up buying three of the products from the range as there is currently a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug. Along with the bath latte I picked up the bath salts and bath fizzer which I am excited and intrigued to use.

What I love most about this range is definitely the packaging, it appears a lot more luxurious yet is still affordable. I don't think I would purchase anything else from the range simply because I wouldn't use it. I am pleasantly surprised with the products and can't wait to have my next bubble bath.

Have you tried any of Zoella's new products ?


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