21 June 2016

Three Blog Photography Tools You Need Today

Taking photos for my blog is by far my favourite aspect of blogging and one that I have found the easiest to adapt and learn about. Photography is definitely a journey and the quality of your images won't initially be amazing unless it's something you do outside of blogging. I didn't have a clue when I started blogging, photography was trial and error plus some extra reading on the subject which helped me to improve my blog photos. I think many bloggers including myself lack a little confidence when it comes to taking photos, Unfortunately we all don't live in an Instagramable house with marble worktops and white walls, ideal for the perfect photos. However there are three tools that I have collected which I couldn't live without and massively help your photo quality.

This is one of the most inexpensive pieces of equipment but one that I had never heard of until recently. If you have never heard of one either I urge you to pop over to Amazon and purchase it. There are numerous different light shades but I only ever use the white one. In simple terms the light from outside reflects onto the white reflector and bounces back onto your image, making the light balanced and equal all around. At first I couldn't understand how this could make any difference but it really does improve the light of your overall image especially if you have a limited light source.

It took me a long time to finally make a purchase of Photoshop as it is extremely expensive but there isn't quite anything that edits your photos like it. Photoshop has also let me to shoot my images in RAW something which I struggled with converting when I didn't have it. I love playing with the contrast, brightness and colour balance. The price can put many off but I have a monthly payment plan which is a little more manageable. Any editing tool is essential regardless of whether it is  Photoshop or just a free online editing software, dramatically improving the quality of your images.

Without this table top I wouldn't be able to take my photos. Ikea is an extremely inexpensive shop to buy some of your blog props but buying a £5 table top is perfect for a neutral background for all your photos. It is also easily moved so you can get the best possible lighting available. Definitely the best photography tool that I could have purchased without the need to have all white interiors and investing in expensive furniture.

What are your essential blog photography tools?


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