16 June 2016

I'm 18 And Don't Drink

I'm 18 and don't drink

I'm 18 and don't drink. There I said it, sometimes it's the hardest and most awkward thing to say to your fellow 18 year old friends. A lifestyle choice that you often judged for and seen as the stuck up bitch who wants to judge everyone for the rest of the evening. It is a subject that I have never been able to share with someone who feels the same way as I do, making it seem even more foreign. I have never really been a party girl and it's something I don't think I ever will but there has been nights when I have gone out and really enjoyed them whilst being completely sober. I think many drinkers are afraid of the non drinker at a party. They are either trying to force a drink down your throat finding it difficult to understand why you are refusing it or they are trying to avoid you at all possible costs as you will be the boring one. The thing is I don't drink because I don't like it and the thought of being sick and feeling terrible the next day just isn't appealing to me. I'm not there to slightly judge or document every 'bad' mistake my drunk friends are doing.  Our culture has total made it a clique that a non drinker is the sensible and boring girl who sits in the corner waiting to go home whilst her friends are having a good time. 

I have had many amazing nights out without the requirement of alcohol and if I am fine with it I don't see why others find it an issue especially when it is having no effect on them. Not drinking however does give me major anxiety as I find it one of the hardest things to tell people and that fear of judgement. I often worry that my friends are having a bad time because they are hanging out with me and that they would rather be hanging out with someone else. It is even more daunting that in September I will hopefully be attending university and as we all know alcohol is a main feature of fresher week and throughout your university career. Telling people will be hard and I am sure some people will avoid me because of the reason but I think it is so important to sick by what you want and believe.

So if your 18, 30 or 50 don't think you are alone or a bore just because you have chosen not to drink because you can have an amazing nice with just a soft drink in your hand.

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