12 June 2016

Blogging And Life Update

blogging and life update
I don't really know any other way of introducing this post other than a friendly HELLO! I can't quite believe that I have completed my 14 years of education, it is welcomed with a mixture of sadness, happiness and feelings of uncertainty. I can't lie and say that I wish my secondary schools days would continue because I have, to put it bluntly, hated them. It has been full of exam pressures and outgrowing people in your year. A Levels so far in my short live have been the most challenging  thing I have ever done, the stress and workload was overwhelming along with the extreme emotional and physically burnout that has come in the after math. I am already dreading results day but for now I have to enjoy having days when I can finally do things I want and make me happy. 

The first thing I wanted to do when I finished my exams was to return to blogging, something I have missed dearly. During summer I really want to work really hard with my blog whether it's posting every day or just once or twice. As I haven't blogged in a while I'm slightly struggling with what to write and taking photos has become somewhat foreign but hopefully it won't take me too long to get back into the swing of things. During the past few months I haven't been reading blogs either so that is something I want to get back into. 

My plans for summer aren't too exciting and if I'm honest I don't have much planned yet. I am on the search for a summer job, making a short city break, blogging and enjoying my time off. I am also going to make a good effort to join into more blog twitter chats because firstly I enjoy them so much hand secondly I can't remember the last time I joined one. If you have any new favourite blogs or anything I have missed in the blogging world do leave a comment as I love everyone who leaves a comment. 

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