13 June 2016

10 Beauty Hacks

10 beauty hacks tips

Beauty is something I love and hate. I adore trying out new products and concepts but there is a part of me that would rather be make up free than worrying about carrying my powder in my bag and constantly checking has my lipstick smudged. However to make things a little easier for myself and hopefully others I am sharing my favourite beauty hacks.

10 beauty hacks /tips1. If applying lipstick and want to avoid it getting on your teeth, pop your index finger in your mouth and pull out, removing any excess lippy.

2. To evenly apply a face mask use an old make up or paint brush. 

3. To perfectly apply lip liner use a matte lip balm before hand to ensure smooth application. 

4. Change your pillow case every few days to prevent spotty skin. 

5. Struggle with eyeliner, apply a little tape at the corner of your eye to achieve clean and crisp liner. 

6. If your nail polish goes a little bumpy, apply some top coat which smooths the polish. 

7. If you suffer from sensitive or irritated skin use an old tight and fill with porridge oats, pour under water and you will make a natural soap / bath wash.

8.  Apply coconut oil onto cuticles to soften. 

9.  Applying a little pva glue around your nails before painting ensures a clean, professional manicure. 

10. Use coffee filters to remove excess face oil throughout the day. 

What are your favourite beauty hacks?

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