20 March 2016


In January I relaunched my blog with a new name, blog design and new content. It was a decision that I only took after months of consideration. My blog which was formally known as Fashion and Beauty Tribes had come to an end, I no longer was excited to create content for it and everything began to feel stale and repetitive. I had witnessed  other bloggers taking the brave decision to re brand, some which were successful and others not so much. I knew however if I didn't take the risk I would stop blogging and this is something I really didn't want to have to do.

If you are thinking about rebranding your blog I couldn't recommend it enough. A decision which you can't take lightly and requires some form of investment whether it is big or small. I have learnt a lot from taking the decision to rebrand and I want to share my experience if you are thinking about taking the leap.

1. There is a lot of work behind the scenes - I took a few months off from writing on my blog and it looked like I was totally removed from the blogging world but I was in fact doing a lot of admin for my blog; thinking of a new name, choosing the perfect blog design and creating new content to go up in January.

2. Investment is needed - this point could probably be argued and it purely depends on the blogger but I personally believe if you want to take your blogging seriously then you will need to invest something into your blog. I took the decision to buy a blog design which for me was quite expensive but I was willing to put money into the design to make the overall blog look professional and appealing. My investment was only small compared to some but it can make such a difference.

3. You may loose some followers - it is a known fact that if you change a huge element of your blog then some of your readers may not come back because they liked what you were previously producing. Overtime you will make up them followers that you lost or you may even gain more than you originally had.

4. Your hard work will pay off- ever since I relaunched my blog in January I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received. My readers seem to be more engaged with my content which is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I also feel a lot happier and have created achievable goals which I have been able to stay on top of.

I would highly recommend anyone to rebrand their blog if they are feeling down about their blog or want a change. The brilliant thing about blogging is we have the power to change things when we aren't happen or want to challenge are creativity.

Have you rebranded your blog?


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