30 March 2016

Bedroom Details #2

Interiors is something I am truly addicted to. I have spent hours on Pinterest in the past pinning houses and bedrooms that I adore. However despite desperately wanting a Pinterest worthy bedroom my lack of tidiness and funds has lead me to create a bedroom that I love on a budget. I am constantly picking things up for my room so I would never say that it is complete, more like a work in progress. Plants and flowers are something I love to have in my room, however I always kill my plants and the two pictured above are the only ones that remain. Like most I buy all my plants from Ikea as they are cheap and really the only place I can find good cactus'. I usually like to arrange my plants among other things in my bedroom to create little displays. 

My favourite thing about my bedroom is my shelf which I am constantly changing the look of. It mostly contains little trinkets which are too pretty not to display. My Rifle Paper Little Women book and calendar take pride of place along with a few Tiger purchases including the photo clipboard which is so handy for prints and photo's that you don't want to hang or frame and the little house thing which I put my plant in. Tiger is a brilliant cheap shop, kind of like Ikea with a lot of home things at really good prices. 

I keep my walls very simple and don't hang a lot of pictures as it can become very expensive. However the picture that hangs above my bed I love so much and it cost me less than a  tenner. The image which is a map of Paris was bought in Paperchase for three or four pounds and the frame which was from Ikea was a bargain as well. I'm not the biggest fan of my bed frame but I love to buy duvet covers, the ones I currently have on are from Ikea but H & M and Primark do really cheap ones as well. 

What do you  have in your bedroom? 

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