24 February 2016


I love music, it is something I do daily  whether I am at home or school. During the month of February I have been listening to a variety of music from Rihanna to Zayn. I have been availing from my three months premium Spotify which I got for 99p before Christmas and I am dreading the day it expires because Spotify Premium is the best thing ever.  Rihanna this month finally released her album which I was anticipating. I feel it is something very different from what she had produced in the past, some songs I love and others not so much but I think that is how albums work, it is rare to love everything. I have added a Spotify widget of my February playlist to make it easier for any other Spotify users  who want to listen to the playlist.

1. Pillowtalk - Zayn

2. Our Time - Lily Allen

3. Never be Like you - Flume, Kai

4. Consideration - Rihanna, SZA

5. Work - Rihanna, Drake

6. Sex with me - Rihanna

7. Goodnight Gotham - Rihanna

8. Needed Me - Rihanna

9. Who's Gonna (Nobody) - Chris Brown

10. Discover - Chris Brown 

What have you been listening to in February ? 

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