4 February 2016


Blog designs has always been something I have loved and taken a keen interest in since I started blogging. I even spent a short time designing basic blog designs for other bloggers. It was a lot of hard work but I really enjoyed doing it. I am a very aesthetic person so design is vey important to me and I enjoy picking out and designing new things for my blog design. Other bloggers however really struggle with this aspect of blogging and it can often scare a lot of people. 

I have until recently always designed my own blog before taking the plunge and investing in a pre made template from a designer. However not everyone is as privileged as this and doesn't have the money to invest in a swanky blog design. A blog design can totally make or break a blog and has a serious effect on people checking out your blog and  never returning or clicking the follow button. I want every blogger to be able to create a site which they are pleased with. We are fortunate that the 'trendy' blog design is simple and can be achieved without the help of a designer. I have complied a list of things which I believe can really help you achieve your perfect blog design whether you are designing it yourself or want to give a brief to your designer.

FONTS - There is a really fine line with whether a font works or doesn't. It is so important to only have a few fonts on your blog. I think if you include too many it can get very busy and they don't compliment one another. I try to stick to two or three fonts in my blog, one for my header another for blog titles and a third for post text. I try to use simple fonts for the post text as this should be easy to read, I love a bold header and post title to draw the readers attention.

COLOURS - the colours that you choose for your blog can also be a tricky thing to decide because it can go wrong so easy. Everyone is entitled to have as many colours as they desire on their blog but if you want people to come and read your blog you have to make sure that you keep your colour palette limited. My personal preference is monochrome similar to a lot of bloggers but if you love colour then subtle hints of a bright shade can look effortless and fresh just like a black and white themed blog.

WIDGETS - I love widgets and feel like they can totally improve your readers experience to your blog plus they look pretty. There are so many different widgets that you can avail of which can promote your blog or social media sites. I love an Instagram and Pinterest widget which can really help your whole blog design to come together. If you are a visual person like me then the more images that are on your blog the better, making widgets the perfect feature.

LAYOUT - There are so many ways that your blog can be presented. The classic which is your post on the left hand side and your sidebar on the right. It can be hard to drift away from this structure but if done right it can totally help give your blog a unique style, drawing people into your blog. I recently went for a grid style layout and it has really helped by blog become a unique format.

TIME - It can take a while to achieve a blog design you love. My advice is not to rush it even if you want to. A great blog design is prepared by someone who has thought long and hard about the layout and structure of a blog design. It involves putting little pieces together to achieve an overall successful blog design. Take time to gather inspiration  and come up with something you love.


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