21 February 2016


I am not a massive 'fashion' person and buy very little clothes purely for the fact that they are so expensive and buying a mascara or lipstick is a lot cheaper( depending on what you are buying.)   I also hate shopping for clothes, I find it stressful and lets not get started on changing rooms. I would far rather be sitting at home purchasing online. I always go back to the same shops because I know the quality of the clothing and the customer service of the brand.  Some of my favourites include: 

Everyone I know shops in ASOS, they are a brand I can't do anything but praise. They have an incredible, diverse range of clothing which you will never get in a high street store. I also adore their customer services as there is free delivery and returns which I always take in to consideration before making a purchase. I have had a few issues in the past regarding a dress I bought but their customer team was fantastic and replied so quickly.

I have heard a lot of mixed reviews about this site and some people have had a lot of issues with them, but I personally found them brilliant. Before Christmas I made a small purchase from their site to see what the quality of their clothing was as everything so cheap. I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived with everything looking as it did on the site and reasonable quality. The only downside is it does take a while to arrive but apart from that I would definitely make another purchase.

Misguided is another online shop I love. They have an incredible range of clothing with a broad price range so anyone can afford something from their site. I particularly love their sports range and have been trying to save up to make a few purchases. My only draw back with Misguided is paying for returning your clothing which does put me off slightly. However they always have incredible deals and money off which are often hard to resist.

What are your favourite online fashion stores?


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