31 January 2016


Sometimes in life things can get so stressful and we forget how to be any other way. Deadlines and pressures of work and school can make it hard for us to take some time out and it's crucial that this is something we make sure we do despite our busy lives. An outlet that I have recently grown to love is taking a trip to my local National Trust to take some photographs and have a quick walk which works wonders for my mental state and capacity to retain information when I'm revising. 

The National Trust is a perfect location to totally escape from your everyday life and just enjoy the moment that you are in. The surroundings are beautiful and if you are a photography enthusiast then this is the perfect location to get some stunning historical and nature photos to add to your collection. It's a great place to visit at the weekend when you need inspired or feeling a little low. I will leave you with some photographs of my recent trip. 


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