17 January 2016


My past relationship with skincare has not been a great one. It's something which I have never been able to dedicate myself to.  I like to keep my skincare simple and cost effective, this can be two hard things to try and achieve when it comes to skincare. However, I have a small collection of products that I like to use to keep my skin under control.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - everyone has tried this stuff and it's an essential in my skincare routine. I like to use this when I haven't been wearing make up because I wouldn't recommend it for removing make up. If I am do need to remove make up I will use The Body Shop Camoline cleaner which is more oil based than the Liz Earle offering.

Botanics Rosewater Toner - once my face is cleaned I always reach for my toner to balance my skin tone. I wouldn't say I love this product but it is a great budget product that smells divine. If I wanted to invest a little more into toners I would definitely pick up Liz Earle's addition

Simple Moisturiser - I usually always finish my basic routine with a good almond sized amount of moisturiser. I love Simple's moisturiser as it provides me with enough hydration without overloading my already oily skin with more moisture it doesn't need.


Sometimes in my routine I like to include a few extra products depending on my skin's condition. I am prone to get hormonal spot around my t-zone especially around the time of my period and I always try and incorporate something that will try to banish it.

Antipodes Divine Face Oil * - This can be quite a scary product for some (including me) especially those with oily skin but believe me this is the best over night product ever especially if you skin needs a little TLC. This is quite a heavy oil which can be used at both day and night but for me I would only ever use it at night. I usually massage this into my face after completing my basic skincare routine. The following morning my skin is usually so much softer and any spots are reduced in size and redness. A must buy for anyone with blemish prone skin.

Sudo cream + Tea tree oil - This is the perfect dup for any spots that you need to get rid of fast. I like to drench a cotton bud in tea tree oil and apply it to the spot. The tea tree oil dries up the spot and removes any remaining bacteria. I then apply the sudo cream before bed which usually also helps to reduce the size and colouration of the spot.

What products do you use for your skin ? 

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