6 January 2016


 Let's be honest, January isn't the nicest of months. It's filled with post food bellies, debt and nothing to look forward too. However, there can always be a positive drawn from a negative. I have a few things that should perk you up in the month of January. 

Grab your hands on discounted Christmas gifts which you could keep for next year or one last little treat for yourself. My favourite is the beauty gifts which are usually discounted a considerable amount and such a great bargain. 

Take some photos of your surrounds before Spring begins to appear. Maybe, like me you have received a new camera for Christmas and want to experiment with the settings. Go for a walk and bring your camera with you. 

Give your blog a little tidy. It can be important to give your blog a little TLC every so often and there is no better time than the new year. Invest in a blog design you love and reflects you and your content. There are a great selection on Esty for anyone on a budget.

Spend a night in. The Christmas season can be so busy and while it is lovely to see family and friends it can be refreshing sometimes to have a little alone time. Put your pjs on, make yourself a hot chocolate and watch some trashy TV.

Create a blogging schedule. January is the month of resolutions and new starts so what better way to start January by organising your blog. Taking photos in bulk or simply creating a short list of future blog posts can make a huge difference for you and your blog. 

How are you perking yourself up this January ? 


  1. January really is a month that isn't that nice. I like to perk it by taking photos, doing Yoga, I scheduled almost all posts for January. Also I did some cleaning on my blog. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. I don't like January at all. I love to take photos and scheduling posts, it can make January a little easier


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