18 November 2015


Creativity is something I have been struggling with recently. It's something you can't push like a traditional essay or academic activity. Sometimes it can be hard to inspire yourself or come up with new ideas, especially if you are trying to force or are tying to think of excessive creative ideas. I thought it would be a good idea to produce a list of creative goals that I would like to achieve, to try and spark my creative flow: 

  • Master hand lettering using watercolour and ink
  • Get out and take more photographs of the changing seasons 
  • Follow some new Instagram accounts 
  • Go on Pinterest everyday 
  • Master Photoshop
  • Try some watercolour illustrations 
  • Finish my sketchbook 

I think sometimes it can be beneficial to just jot down somethings you would like to achieve in a field that you are struggling with or lacking inspiration in. I feel like it can motivate you and help your creative juices flow again. 

What are you creative goals ? 


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