4 October 2015


If you are an avid reader of my blog then I'm sure you're aware that I haven't posted for quite a while. I have been going through quite a weird stage with my blog. I very nearly stopped doing it and giving it up.  I have had bloggers block in the past but never have I considered giving it up. Blogging is a hobby for me and has been part of my life for three years and the thought of giving it up really devastated me. I love being creative and blogging was my own personal outlet where there was no deadlines or rules. The process of taking photographs, editing them and finally putting the post together to produce something I am proud of, I really enjoyed. 

When you have been blogging for three years your work can begin to feel a little stagnant. I often felt that I was producing the same content but just in a slightly different way each time. I love blogging, I truly do but sometimes you just lose the love for it. When I was having these thoughts I was so afraid that I wouldn't want to produce content again or that because I was so quiet on all my social media sites that people wouldn't return to my blog if I did want to come back to it. 

I wasn't even thinking about my blog today but I decided that I wanted to read some blog posts ( which I also stopped doing.) and out of no where I had the desire to write a blog post. I want to try some new things on my blog, to try and push myself to create and produce something different and interesting. I am not even going to try and keep a schedule because no matter how much I try it doesn't work and I need to remind myself that this is a hobby not something I am obliged to do!

I hope you can continue to  follow me on this journal and I hope you like what I produce in the future! 

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