15 September 2015


Things have been a little quiet over here recently. I suppose the reason is my routine has changed. I no longer have spare time to do what I want, when I please. I am currently in my last year at school so that means a year full of hard work and exams which I am not looking forward to. I think I am already done with school and am ready to break free from the rules and deadlines that education brings. I currently study three subjects two of which I don't particularly enjoy, leaving just art which is my true passion and something I hopefully will pursue in the future. 

Even though I hate that my stress free summer is over I can't wait for Autumn / Winter. I can't wait for the days to get colder so I can wear jumpers and scarves. I also can't contain my excitement for Christmas, Tesco have already began to stock their Christmas treats which I couldn't  help but pick up yesterday. 

I really want to try and post on my blog twice a week. I have been thinking about how often I should. For me it is practical that I only blog a few days rather than posting more but not having the heart to produce something I am proud of. I love blogging but am finding it increasingly harder due to commitments and sometimes not knowing what to say. I think everyone has this struggle especially when it's a creative outlet, it is a lot easier to get burnt out quicker.

I really enjoy doing theses update type posts. It can be quite therapeutic to not have a focus point when writing a post and just writing what comes to your head.

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