1 September 2015


I was recently reading Maddy's lovely post on falling out of love with blogging. It got me thinking about how a lot of us bloggers are perfectionists and this is having a damaging affect on how we view  and feel about our blog.

When it comes to anything visual or creative I am such a perfectionist. Other areas such as cleaning  or whether my outfit matches I'm not that bothered. I find that I can be very hard on myself when it comes to things like my blog or art. Anything I produce is only good enough for a few moments or before I begin comparing it to someone else's work. I find us bloggers do that a lot regardless of what advice we are given or how often we try and tell ourselves otherwise. 

I blog as a hobby but I often find that I push myself to try and blog with a schedule, similar to someone who blogs full time. I have struggled with being organised when it comes to my blog and I applaud anyone who has managed to keep to a schedule of some sorts. I don't seem to thrive when it comes to having a uniform time to blog and I need to learn to tell myself that it is ok not to upload something everyday or when I'm not feeling up to it. I'm always worrying that it will affect my blog and make me seem like I'm not being serious about blogging. This couldn't be far from the truth as I care for my blog a lot, but with the competition we are faced with it can easily look like you aren't trying. After all for a lot of us blogging is a hobby, a place for us to go when we want a distraction or feel like writing. As bloggers I feel like we have an underlining pressure to keep up with the 'it' bloggers or else there isn't a place for us in the blogging world. I have discussed about this before on my blog but I do truly believe that there is more critical eyes on our blogs today than there was three or four years ago turning our blog from a hobby to something we feel like we have to do.

I sometimes find it hard to keep up with the blogger who is blogging as their full time occupation. They get access to amazing resources and attend amazing events. It can be easy to feel ignored in this populated game that is blogging. I truly believe that all bloggers who love blogging put in the same amount of effort as someone who is getting paid to do it everyday.

I think I will always be a perfectionist and I probably will always find a fault in my work believing someone else's is better. I have to accept that my work is bringing something to the table that no one else is delivering and acknowledge that no matter how hard I try there will always be someone who has a nicer blog or has really perfect photo's which I can't achieve just yet.

I will leave you with a quote which I think sums up comparison and being a perfectionist 

"Comparison is the Thief of  Joy"
Franklin Roosevelt

What are your thoughts on being a perfectionist in the blogging world?


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