9 August 2015


As summer gets shorter and the dread of  school beginning again it can be easy to start feeling a little down, believing that there isn't anything left to look forward to. I'm not the most optimistic person so I find myself becoming down quite easily especially when I'm feeling stressed or have a heavy workload. Making a short list of things I am grateful for can really alter your mood and help you look at the bigger picture. I thought it would be a good idea to share my list to encourage you to create one or even make your day a little brighter.

1. Autumn / Winter

2. Christmas time

3. My Birthday

4. Buying a new coat for Winter

5. Starting a new Sketchbook

6. Halloween

7. Lush's seasonal range

8. Buying some Winter themed make up

9. Dark nights

10. Buying new stationary for the year ahead

What can you not wait for this year ?

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