6 August 2015


I have such a stationary addiction. Since I can remember, I was always looming  in the stationary section wanting to buy everything. I always buy more than I need and when a new school year came around I was buying a lot of unnecessary stationary for the year ahead. Blogging gives me another opportunity to buy some notebooks and fun stationary to keep me organised and to take endless photograph's off.
Ever since I started blogging a stationary brand which all bloggers love is Rifle Paper Co. The notebooks are not only used to plan blog posts but often appear in bloggers photographs as a pretty background or prop. When I first came across the brand I feel completely in love. I already have a small collection which I wanted to share today because if I'm being honest it gives me the perfect  opportunity to photograph the collection, which guarantee's a pretty photo.

My collection started with the Botanical notebook's which I'm nearly certain everyone has. Now that I have a few more products from the collection I think it is my least favourite print but still very pretty. For my birthday last year I was so happy when I was gifted the  Floral notebook which I am not even half way through. I find it an essential for planning my blog posts and it is well worth the investment.
When I saw that Anna Bond the founder of Rifle Paper Co had redesigned some of the front covers of classic novels, I didn't even think twice about picking them up. There are four books in the collection and I picked up Heidi and Little Women which are stunning (I also can't wait for the Alice in Wonderland edition) . It sounds a waste but I don't think I will ever read the books as they are too pretty in my eyes and far better displayed and using as a props. 

My latest purchase is the Birds of a Feather notebook duo and I am completely in love. They are perfect for jotting down notes or even sketching. I definitely didn't need to add to the collection but the brand is so truly stunning it is hard not too. I'm even thinking about what I want to purchase next. The brand does originate from America so it can be hard to know where to buy if you live in the UK. My favourite places to buy is Fox and Star, Papermash, Amazon, which are all great UK suppliers.

What are your favourite Rifle Paper Co products ?

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