4 August 2015


Photography is by far my favourite aspect of blogging. I love taking my photographs in bulk because I like all my photographs to have the same lighting and theme. It can take hours to take your photographs so it's important to have the right tools. If you don't have the right equipment it can take longer and your photos may not be the highest quality. I don't have a huge amount of tools when it comes to taking photos but they all make a huge difference to taking your photographs in the shortest time possible.
Remote and Tripod  - I don't use my remote or tripod that often as I rather having more freedom and movement when taking my photos. However, sometimes  there isn't the right amount of natural daylight to take a photo free handed. That's when these two tools come in. When your light is limited it's important to keep the camera as still as possible, so your photos are crisp. Both tools are essential and can be picked up for less than £20.
Blue Tac - I remember coming across this hack for taking photographs and it is brilliant. If you are a beauty blogger you know the struggle of products rolling away, leaving you frustrated and wasting a lot of  time. Popping a little blue tac on the back of the product will guarantee it to stay still throughout your photography session. 
35mm f1.8 Lens -  This the most essential photography tool that I own. I haven't had any other lens on my camera since buying it. It is perfect for a depth of field background and increasing the quality of your images, which a kit lens compromises. I would be truly lost without this lens.
Pixlr - I am not fortune enough to own Photoshop, so I mostly use Pixlr to edit my blog images. It is very similar to Photoshop and I do love it especially for making your photos brighter and airy, improving the overall quality.
Iphone - I often use the camera on my phone to take my photo's for Instagram as it is instant and takes less time than using your DSLR. I also love using my phone to edit my Instagram photo's as well. My favourite and only editing app on my phone is the VSCO cam which I am nearly certain everyone has and loves.
What are your photography tools?

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