10 August 2015


I feel that in the past few weeks I have really got myself organised and into a proper blogging routine. Creating a blog process that makes me productive has been a long time coming. I wanted to share my process with my readers as it's a post I have seen frequently popping up in my blog feed and one I have loved reading. There is something interesting about comparing your blogging process with others. 

This is a new aspect of my blogging process. It's a simple but effective method that I love using when it comes to creating the perfect content for my blog. I have two main notebooks which I use to help me plan what I want to blog for the week ahead. I begin by looking for inspiration which I commonly find in magazines, other blogs and Pinterest. I write a rough list of possible blog posts, making sure I haven't done it before and it will be valuable to my readers. Once I have some up with some ideas that I definitely want to feature on my blog I will begin planning in more detail, which I go through in  the writing section of this post.

This is probably one of the most time consuming aspects of my blogging process and the one I enjoy the most. I think that when you are taking photos for your blog they should be consistent and have a similar look to them. This can be achieved by the time you choose to take your photos ensuring the consistent light and tones. I commonly take my photos between 11am and 1pm. Some people plan what they want in their images but this isn't really for me. It probably takes me a little longer but I can't pre plan my photos, it's something that only comes to me as I am styling the image, moments before capturing it. 

This has to be my most challenging aspect of blogging. I don't particular love writing my content and it is totally dependent on my mood. I would love to be one of those people who can sit at their computer for 3 to 4 hours and produce my weeks worth of posts but from past experiences this only compromises my content and not really worth it in the long run. I have to complete my posts throughout the weeks in small bursts. I usually only write my blog post two days or the day before it is published. Once I have completed the writing of my post I save it and don't look at it for a few hours before returning with fresh eyes and making any alterations needed.

The last and probably the most exciting part of my blogging process is pressing publish. It can be a common perception that your job is done once you hit publish but this is when another set of roles begin. I usually send a tweet and upload an Instagram to let people know that a new post has gone live. I also pin the image on Pinterest. I love to see the reaction my new post has caused and replying to the kind comments that people have taken the time to write. I then begin the process all over again, preparing for the next post. 

What is your blogging process ? 

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