28 August 2015


I can't believe that summer is almost over and for us students it means that returning to school or college is days or weeks away. Some may love going back to education but for me it has always been something I have dreaded. Don't get me wrong I do love a catch up with my friends, hearing the latest gossip or figuring out what teachers didn't make it back for the new term, but when it comes to exams and work it can be a bit depressing to know that your care free holiday is drawing to an end and is replaced with study and stress. 

It's important to perk yourself up when times like this are looming. I have devised a list of things you can do to make going back to school a little easier. 

1. Buy yourself some new stationary which I find can really perk me up.

2. Before going back to school spend a day doing something you enjoy. 

3. Cook something the night before school so you have something to look forward to eating after your first day back.

4. Remember that nothing lasts forever and will come to an end eventually.

5. Organise something to do for your next holiday. It I can be something to focus on when you're having a down day.

Are you looking forward to going back to school or college? 

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