2 August 2015


I usually hate Sunday's especially since I have the thought of school looming over me. Since I've been off I have grown to love Sunday's a lot more. I love the mixture of getting work done but still being able to relax. I have found myself doing the same thing every Sunday to get me prepared for the week ahead.

1. Plan some blog posts for the week ahead. I like to use Elle and Co's  method to help me come up with new ideas.

2. Take time to paint something. There is nothing better than drawing on a Sunday in front of a movie.

3. Comment on at least three of your favourite blogs. Sharing the love to your favourite bloggers by leaving them at thoughtful comment on their latest blog post.

4. Go on a walk and take some pictures. I don't really like exercise but I do love photography, so combining the two makes it enjoyable and beneficial at the same time.

5. Make yourself a meal plan for the week ahead. I love trying new recipes so creating a weekly plan that I can stick to is cost effective and tasty.

What do you do every Sunday ?

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