10 July 2015


I love reading. There is nothing better than removing yourself from everyday life and becoming trapped in a make believe world. Recently however I seemed to have let life get on top of me and I didn't make time to read anything apart from magazines and blogs. Since I got my holidays and I don't have any other commitments I decided to make a conscience effort to start reading again. I haven't done too bad and managed to read two books in just under two weeks. I even feel like I am suffering withdrawal symptoms from not escaping to a book this week.

The Year I Met You- I love Cecelia Ahern's books and film adaptations. I have had this book sitting on my bedside table since November and finally decided to pick it up and actually read it. The book isn't really dramatic or there is no major story line but it does teach you a life lesson. It is such a beautiful tale about stopping your busy, everyday life and take the time to admire the beauty in the world. This probably isn't the action packed book that I usually go for but it was a light read which kept me reading. 

The Girl on the Train -  I have heard so much hype about this book from numerous sources but I was a little sceptical as I usually find that they never live up to their name but this book was amazing. It had me gripped from the very beginning, I had a number of theories throughout the book on what would happen but every new chapter that I read would be crushed and be replaced with another false theory. The book is essentially about a girl on a train who watches a couple who she see's on her daily commute to work, making a false life for them, until the girl she watches goes missing. I read this book in a day and could not put it down. I am now recommending it to any book lover that I speak too. 

What books have you been reading recently? 

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