6 July 2015


One thing I am partially good at is procrastinating. Something everyone has done especially when productive work needs to be completed or you're facing an important deadline. As my work has got harder my procrastination skills seemed to have magically improved. It can be looked upon as a lazy trait but I think a little bit of procrastination is key! My favourite ways to procrastinate include: 

Painting my nails- The amount of times I have chosen to do my nails over something important is ridiculous. I find painting my nails quite relaxing so it's the perfect way to remove myself from the stressful work I should be doing. The downfall however is I often spend too long painting my nails and suddenly remember the time and the work I have to complete which I can't do because my nails are still wet.

Taking photos - When I was studying a month ago I was finding it so hard to not just stop everything and take some photo's. I am always with my camera so not being able to take photos was hard. I still managed to take some on my phone of my pretty revision stationary which wasted a lot of time and did not help me learn my work at all. 

Painting/ Doodling- I am so bad when it comes to doodling, it's on all my school work and I would rather draw something than learn a paragraph of work. I find painting and drawing so relaxing and  it helps to clear my mind so it can be a helpful form of procrastination if used appropriately.

Reading- I have always loved reading but I found that I hadn't picked up a book in a long time. In the past two weeks I have managed to complete two books. One of them was that good I read it in one day, I couldn't put it down. I loved spending a whole day reading but it did stop me from completing some important tasks which I could have had completed.

Make up- I love experimenting with make up. I don't really like applying it when I go out because I have to be ready by a certain time. There has been many days when I have been at home meaning to revise and instead I am applying a face of make up with no where to go. It is so much fun but a totally wash of time and make up!

How do you like to procrastinate ?

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