19 July 2015


I watch a lot of TV and most of the time there really isn't anything exciting on but that doesn't stop me looking forward to a few TV shows every week. TV is very underrated and there are some amazing dramas and fun shows that no longer are being watched as the internet is replacing it. I love a mixture of both and I can't help at the end of a busy day to sit down and watch something I love. 

7 Days With - I don't know why but I love watching what other people get up to in their lives, I suppose it's why I love vlog's so much. This show is on ITVbe and follows a celebrity for seven days of their lives seeing what they get up to.

24 Hours in A&E . I love this show so much. It really highlights how the A&E department work. I also love becoming involved in the patients life's. The show has the perfect mixture of sadness and happiness which makes it a lot easier to watch. This series is on every Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 4. Another show I like to watch. On Wednesday is Don't Tell the bride. A new series has just begun and has moved to BBC1. I love how dramatic it can get and how every time the groom doesn't have a clue. 

A new favourite of mine is Married at First Sight. A social experiment type show where science is used to match up a couple who will go on to get married, meeting each other for the first time at the wedding aisle. Slightly controversial but I think it will be very interesting to see if the couples stay together. 

Usually on a Sunday there is never much on but recently I have been loving two shows. On Itv I love Surprise, Surprise which is hosted by Holly Willoughby. I love the surprises and stories which often bring me to tears. A two part drama that started last Sunday is The Outcast a sad tale which had been adapted from a book. A young boy witnesses his mother drowning and becomes mentality ill after which no one acknowledges. I can't wait for the second instalment tonight!

What TV shows have you been loving ? 


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