14 July 2015


Lush is somewhere I love going and unfortunately my nearest is an hour and a half away so frequent visits aren't often. I was fortunate to recieve a Lush hamper for Christmas and I finished it a while ago so I was itching to make a few more purchases. 

Seanik Shampoo bar - this is the one thing from Lush that I always pick up when I visit. My hair is very temperamental when it comes to the products I put on it. I find the most natural and light weight products work best in my hair. I also love that the shampoo comes in bar form.

Karma Bubble Bar- this bubble bar is by far by favourite scent out of all the Lush products I have tried. I had a soap at Christmas time that had the same scent and since it has been used up I really wanted something that would have the same scent. Bubble baths are something I only have occasionally so this should last a good while.

Bath Bombs 
I picked up three bath bombs on my recent visit. I don't really have the budget to pick up more of their expensive products so bath bombs are always a good option. I choose Sakura and Dragons egg which I can't wait to use. There is nothing better than the excitement of knowing what colour your bath will turn once it touches the water.

What have you been buying in Lush recently ?


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