31 July 2015


I am lucky that I have been blessed with pretty good skin but it does have its days when it choses to be unruly. Recently my skin has not been its usual self with more breakouts across my t zone. When it comes to skincare and treating my problem areas I'm not the best. My lazy girl attitude and forgetfulness often leads me to not give my skin what it needs. I have however in the past few weeks made a conscience effort to help my skin return to its former glory by using products I think work best for my skin.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - An old and trusty product which I can rely on to give my skin the cleanse it needs after a long day. The cream and lightweight formula seems to work perfect with my combination skin by not leaving it to dry or overloading it with moisture.

Liz Earle Toner - I love toners and found that Liz Earle's natural ingredients one is perfect for me. I apply this after I have cleansed my face to balance my skin tone and give it a cooling feel to my face. 

Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed face mask - In the past I have not gotten on well with face masks. I have taken allergic reactions to two of my favourite masks and when I picked up my first tube of the Soap and Glory edition I was a little sceptical. I was lucky that this agreed with my skin and I'm already on my second tube. It really removes all the dirt that are blocking your pores. I love that once you apply warm water to the face mask it heats, really drawing out the impurities.

Simple Light Moisturisers - Since having combination skin I think it's easy to believe that my skin doesn't need any more moisture applied to my T-zone but this is far from the truth. After cleansing and applying a face mask, your skin can dry out resulting in more oil than you started off with, so a moisturiser is essential.

Sudocrem - A staple I think that has a place in everyone's bathroom cabinet. This stuff works wonders on any spots that you have. I usually dot some of this on top of my spots at night time before I go to sleep and by the morning they have dried up, resulting in them disappearing quicker. 

What products do you use to fight breakouts ? 


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