12 July 2015


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I love blog designs so much. There is nothing better than coming across a blog with a powerful and professional blog design which makes you want to click the follow button. I am a very visual person so a good design is essential for me and the blogs that I follow. However not everyone has the money to invest in a blog design that is over £100, thats where Esty comes in. I love spending hours searching for blog designs on Esty, There is a huge range and a lot of them are under £20. Above is four of my favourite designs that I came across on my recent search, all of them are responsive and under £20 apart from one but it's only £1 over the £20 budget.

I have even made an Esty purchase as I was really fed up with my old design. I also wanted my blog to finally become responsive so reading my blog is pleasurable no matter what platform you are reading from. A new blog design is the perfect way to give your blog a little refresh. It also makes me want to blog more and gives me the motivation to push myself when it comes to blogging. 

Have you ever bought a blog design form Esty?

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