30 July 2015


 Blogging for three years has led me to witness so many blogs grow at a fast rate, doing extraordinary things and opportunities. It can be hard however to be left behind and not receive the hype that some bloggers appear to achieve in a year or less. There are so many advice posts on how to grow your blog (something I love reading) but there is never really any coverage on the smaller blogger who is hidden amongst the 'bigger' blogs. It can be hard to not resent others who have more followers than you, making your hard work seem like it is worthless but today I want to talk through some ways you can be a bigger blogger without the large  following.

It can be easy to get yourself caught up on the negatives of your blog, whether it's the amount of followers you have or the way it looks. Sometimes it's important to take a step back and  look at what you have achieved with your blog. It could be something as small as improving the lighting on your photo's or content. As creatives I believe that we tend to focus on what we need to improve or are lacking in our blogs but sometimes it's ok to acknowledge that what your doing isn't all bad.

It may sound hard but growing your blog takes time and you shouldn't push your growth. Most people have to wait at least a couple of years before they begin to progress in the blogging world and I think it's important to highlight that it does take a while. Having a larger readership doesn't solve your blogging problems or make you a better blogger.

To some blogger stating this can be slightly patronising but it can be dangerous to get yourself caught up on how many followers have chosen to follow your blog. At the beginning of blogging I was obsessed with how many followers I had as I believed it would lead me to exciting things but this is not the case. I found myself down about my blog and it totally stripped me of my enjoyment. I do believe you should care about your followers but not to the level that it gets you down, leading you to not enjoy blogging.

The blogging community is a wonderful place and I am very lucky that I have only ever received positive comments and encouragement. It's important to be happy for other bloggers on what they have achieved. This can make you determined to go on and inspire you to do something for yourself and your blog.

What are your thoughts on becoming a bigger blogger ?

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