30 June 2015


I got my first DSLR camera when I was just fourteen. Another one of my random hobbies had emerged around this age and this one came in the form of photography. I remember receiving my camera for Christmas and being very frustrated that I couldn't work out how to use it or why the quality was the same as an ordinary digital camera. Years of practise and a lens change I am finally in a place where I feel happier with my photography. One thing I have learnt recently is shooting in RAW, a simple camera setting which can totally change your photography. It has helped me to know before uploading an image onto my computer whether it is in focus or the quality of the image is what I want it to be. I find that if you don't shoot in RAW you can be led to believe by your camera that the image quality of brightness is a lot better than it actually is, so once uploaded on your computer you are presented with a totally different image which ends up being deleted. 

Another freedom which this setting had gifted me with is the process of editing the photo. Editing your images when in RAW is a dream and you have a lot more freedom with how you want your image to look. The only editing tool that I know of that lets you edit in RAW is Photoshop which I unfortunately don't own but I did trial it last month and it was amazing. (If anyone can recommend me a free editing site that lets you edit your photos in RAW please let me know.) If you don't have Photoshop you can still shoot in RAW but you have to convert the files to be able to edit them. It does take more time but I think it's so worth it. 

All the photo's I shared are taken using the RAW feature. After realising the benefits of shooting in  RAW I will not be going back to shooting in Normal again. I really love taking photo's for my blog and photography has fast become a keen passion of mine. I fully urge anyone who is starting out with photography or is willing to give it try to keep with it. It's such a creative outlet and there is nothing better than producing a photograph that you are proud of and excited to share to others. That's probably one of the reasons why I love blogging so much as it gives me the freedom to play around with photography!

Do you shoot in RAW ?

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