19 June 2015


I love Instagram a lot. It is a place I love it to get inspiration for not only photography but ideas for new blog posts and art projects. Uploading a new Instagram is probably one of my favourite social media tasks to complete for my blog. There is also nothing better than to come across a new Instagram and being able to scroll through heir feed of beautiful photos. 

Photography is a huge part of my life. I enjoy it so much and Instagram is another way for me to show some of the other photos that I take. A lot of the photos that I take for my Instagram are taken on my phone but I also like to take some photos on my camera and send them to my phone via email. I find that the secret to taking good photographs for your Instagram is how you edit them, it totally transforms your images.

I have tried many editing apps but the only one which I use and love is VSCO Cam. An app I think a lot of people use. It offers everything you would want to make your images better, including filters contrast, exposure etc.  The app is also 100% free. Taking an Instagram photo is not really any different from a blog photo. It is slightly more relaxed than taking a photo with a DSLR but the concept is the same. Play with backgrounds to make your feed look a little more diverse. I like to use old wood, magazines, marble contact paper or my bed covers. Try and use natural light to make your images bright and clearer (you can always increase the exposure to make it brighter when editing).

I don't have the biggest following on Instagram but I find that people are a lot more likely to click unfollow than any other social media sites so posting frequently (at least once a day) seems to keep your feed and followers constant.

  • When taking your photos put it on the square setting so you don't have to crop your image later on. 
  • Don't be the person who hastags everything. Instead use key terms.
  • Not every photo will require the same editing.
  • Mix things up. Don't let your feed to be the same thing.
  • Keep in mind the time you upload your Instagram.
  • Tag brands that feature in your images for exposure. 

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